Post-Landing Services

Post-Landing Services

After landing in your destination country, our services don’t end there!

Active Migrate has rendered extensive support to thousands of people who choose to settle in the countries of their choice with unlimited opportunities. We provide post-landing services such us:

  • Taking care of the airport pickup, subsidized rooms and look at the accommodation of your choice during your stay.
  • Assist in opening a Bank Account, Credit Card, Driving License, Government Card, finding education institutes for your children, getting insurance, and any other requirements.
  • Advanced orientation sessions organized by our counselors to help you adapt in your destination country, its social life and culture, banking, health, and life insurance, education, health services, traveling, and many more.

We would help you realize your aspirations through our extensive experience and professionally managed and integrated pre-flight to post-landing services, which would become an integral part of your quest to settle abroad.

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